International Semiotics Institute | 13th IASS-AIS


Full program / Programme complet / Programa completo / Komplettes Programm

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Abstract book / Résumés / Libro de resúmenes / Abstractband

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Academic events in conjunction / Événements académiques en conjunction / Eventos académicos en conjunción / Akademische Veranstaltungen in Verbindung

Nordic-Baltic links, networks and domains in semiotics and beyond

10th Conference of the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies (NASS)

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Translations, Translating, and Translators: Creating Signs and Sign Systems of Similarity and Difference

13th Symposium on Semiotics and Translation SemTra2017

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Key-note speakers / Communications clés / Ponentes plenarios / Hauptredner

Birutė Galdikas, Simon Fraser University

Anthropologist, ethologist, environmentalist and writer, Prof. Galdikas is a world leading authority in interspecific communication, after her groundbreaking field study in primatology. Among her many recognitions and awards: the Officer of the Order of Canada, the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, the Indonesia’s Hero for the Earth Award, the United Nations Global 500 Award, the Elizabeth II Commemorative Medal, the Eddie Bauer Hero of the Earth, the PETA Humanitarian Award, the Sierra Club Chico Mendes Award, and the key to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Paolo Fabbri, LUISS University, Rome, Italy

Jacques Fontanille, Université de Limoges, France

Eric Landowski, Institut d’études politiques de Paris, France

Massimo Leone, University of Turin, Italy

La sémiotique aujourd’hui : témoin ou acteur ? / Semiotics today: witness or actor?

Plenary roundtable in honor of AJ Greimas’s 100th anniversary

Luis Emilio Bruni, President of NASS, Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies

Paul Cobley, President of IASS-AIS, International Association for Semiotic Studies

Jose Enrique Finol, Vice-president of IASS-AIS, International Association for Semiotic Studies; Scientific director of the next IASS-AIS World Congress

Dario Martinelli, Director of ISI, International Semiotics Institute; Scientific director of this IASS-AIS World Congress

The state of the art of semiotics

Plenary roundtable to wrap up the congress and plan the near future.

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“Semiotics and its masters” lectures

Søren Brier, Copenhagen Business School

Jacques Fontanille, Université de Limoges

Eric Landowski, Institut d’études politiques de Paris

Timo Maran, University of Tartu

Francesco Marsciani, University of Bologna

Gianfranco Marrone, University of Palermo

Kęstutis Nastopka, Vilnius University

Andrew Stables, University of Roehampton

Gino Stefani, University of Roma Tor Vergata

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